Mosaic Letters for Balloons

Color - Mosaic Letter A
  • Perfect Party Decorations: Create an eye-catching party centerpiece with our high-quality mosaic balloon frame! These gorgeous DIY big letter frames will elevate your party decor and are perfect for photo ops!
  • Customizable: Once you have assembled the frame, you can fill it up with any color and type of balloons and any other elements like lights! Imagination is your limit. Each kit contains just the frame. Balloons not included!
  • High Quality Materials: Our balloon frame letters are made with high quality and sturdy foam board. Your decorations will definitely last throughout your celebration and can even be reused for future parties!
  • DIY Assembly: Our pre-cut mosaic balloon frame letters come with a step-by-step assembly manual to help you set up your decorations! All you need is a glue gun and of course your chosen design elements like balloons and fairy lights to complete your mosaic letters.
  • Proudly American-owned: House of Party is an American-owned and operated company. We take pride in offering perfectly designed party products that last longer and create the perfect ambiance for every occasion.

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