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add sparkle to your events!

Whether it's a birthday bash, wedding celebration, corporate function, or any other festivity, these durable polymeric panels retain their shine and reflectivity indoors or outdoors and provide you with endless possibilities to unleash your creativity and design the most captivating photo setting.

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Shimmer Wall with Clip System

You'll absolutely love these shimmer walls with our patented clip system! They make setting up the walls a breeze, saving you from any hassle, and giving you the freedom to effortlessly transform any space into a dazzling and glamorous environment

Shimmer Wall with Round Sequins

You've got to see these shimmer walls adorned with round sequins! They add a touch of pure enchantment and magic to any occasion, dazzling everyone with their mesmerizing glimmer

Shimmer Wall with Mirror Finish

Step into a world of elegance and illusion with shimmer walls featuring a stunning mirror effect. These walls reflect light and surroundings, creating a mesmerizing display that adds an extra layer of sophistication and charm to any event or setting

Shimmer Wall with Matte Finish

Shimmer walls with a captivating matte effect offer a unique blend of elegance and allure, reflecting light in a subtle yet mesmerizing manner. The matte finish adds a touch of sophistication to the shimmering surfaces, creating a stunning visual experience

Shimmer Wall with Sparkle Finish

Prepare to be amazed by these shimmer walls with a mesmerizing sparkle effect! They'll add a touch of pure enchantment to your event, captivating your guests with their dazzling glimmer 

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