Our Story

Our Beginning

When our founder attempted to throw a baby shower for her sister-in-law only to find that creating her vision was nearly impossible without a personal assistant, party planner, and unlimited budget, the concept for House of Party came to be!

House of Party was born from the idea that, wouldn’t it be nice to have a perfectly put together party in a box? Something that looks just as good as that pinned photo you want to recreate, but affordable, time saving and fun to do! We’re a destination for bringing the party of your dreams to life, stylishly and conveniently.

Our Mission

Every party begins with a dream, and at House of Party we are a team of dreamers. But we also live in the real world. And in the real world, time is precious, life is busy, and creating memories with friends and family can sometimes be harder than we would like.

We create magical, achievable results for real people, with real budgets.


House of Party is POC woman owned and founded, with an entirely female team. Our HOP team may be small, but we have big hearts and even bigger goals, and want nothing more than to make your perfect party come to life!

We understand our customers because we are our customers! We help busy people plan and execute the party of their dreams without running endless, expensive errands so they can get to the celebration!