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    Design your personalized neon sign effortlessly with our online custom neon sign maker! Our user-friendly tool makes it simple for you to bring your unique vision to life, providing a visual mockup for a sneak peek before you make your order. Type in your text and choose the text alignment.


    Select the perfect size for your custom neon sign from our range of options: small, medium, or large. Tailor the dimensions to suit your space and style preferences with ease.


    Explore a spectrum of possibilities as you choose the color that resonates with your style. Our custom neon sign maker allows you to pick from a vibrant array of hues, ensuring your creation reflects your unique taste and personality.


    Dive into font selection with the perfect font that suits your style. Our diverse range of fonts ensures that your custom creation will not only illuminate your space but also reflect your unique taste and personality. Choose a font that speaks to you and makes your message stand out.


    Choose the ideal backdrop for your neon creation by selecting both the backboard color and style. With our diverse range of backboard colors and styles, personalize your sign further to complement any space or design aesthetic.

  • Free and Fast Shipping Across the USA

    We ensure your neon sign arrives securely right at your doorstep without any cost, allowing you to illuminate your space in no time.

  • Professional Designers

    Don't have a design? Don't worry, our professional designers will develop a design you're guaranteed to love - 100% FREE.

  • The Most Affordable Signs On The Market

    House of Party is able to offer the best prices on the market to accommodate any budget.

  • Durable and Rigid

    Our signs use the proprietary tech which makes them more durable and rigid than any other sign on the market.

  • Easy to Install

    Our proprietary clip system and standard how-to videos make installation a breeze.


How do I install my neon sign? 

It's simple! Just follow our straightforward installation guide for quick setup.

What customization options do you offer? 

Get creative with a range of fonts, colors, and backboard choices to make your neon sign uniquely yours.

Are your neon signs safe for both indoor and outdoor use? 

Yes, our neon signs are designed for versatility and safety, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. 

How should I clean my neon sign? 

A gentle wipe with a soft, dry cloth is all it takes to keep your sign shining bright.

How durable are neon signs? 

Our signs are built for longevity, offering years of vibrant glow with minimal maintenance. 

Can neon signs withstand outdoor conditions? 

Absolutely! Our signs are crafted to endure outdoor environments, making them perfect for any location. 

How do I choose the right size for my neon sign?

 Consider the space and the impact you want. Our team can assist in selecting the ideal size for your needs. 

Are your neon signs energy-efficient? 

Definitely! Our LED technology ensures an eco-friendly and cost-effective glow. 

What impact do neon signs have on spaces? 

Neon signs add a personal touch and vibrant energy, transforming any space or event into something truly special.