Efficient Time-Saving Hacks: The Balloon Tip Method
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Time Saving Balloon Tip - House of Party

Time Saving Balloon Tip

Time Saving Balloon Tip

Have you ever spent so much time blowing up balloons to make a balloon garland but you wonder how balloon pros do it faster ?

Here is a quick tip:

First, you will need an electric inflator. It will help inflate 2 balloons together at once. Always remember to not over inflate balloons.

When you are satisfied about the size and shape of your balloons, try tying them both together. 

Stretch both ends together well to secure the knot. This way you will have a couple of balloons together. Keep going until you have all your balloons ready.


It's so hard to untie balloons! But this tip will make it easy to untie. You just need to pull the ends of both balloons, then you will see a circle between the two knots.

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