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How to customize your balloon with vinyl - House of Party

How to customize your balloon with vinyl

How to customize your balloon with vinyl

If you love celebrating love, then Valentine's Day is probably one of your favorite days of the year. Sure, on every other holiday you get to give thanks for your friends and family, get into a holly jolly spirit, and eat copious amounts of festive foods, but Valentine's Day is the only day that you get to adorn yourself and your space in all things floral and pink.

One of our favorite ways to prepare for the holiday is by decorating our balloons with vinyl.

Step 1:

Choose the best balloon size for your set-up. We recommend bigger balloons (18" to 36" ).

Step 2:

Clean the surface of your balloon using rubbing alcohol.

Step 3:

Apply transfer tape to your vinyl sticker, and cut the sides to help the transfer tape go nicely around the balloon.

Step 4 :

Apply the vinyl to the balloon starting from the middle, then the sides.

Step 5:

Remove the transfer tape carefully to avoid popping the balloon.

Enjoy your personalized balloon

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