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Candy Box

  • Candy treats: Create a land of dreamy treats with these candy supplies. Design with hard candies, lollipops, cupcakes, and ice cream for a festive display.
  • Package includes:
  • 250g of Blue Candy Balls 
  • 250g of White Candy Balls
  • 250g of Red Candy Balls
  • 200g of Blue Mini Candy Balls
  • 200g of Silver Mini Candy Balls
  • 200g of Red Mini Candy Balls
  • 200g of Light Blue Mini Candy Balls
  • 250 g of Red and White Candy Sticks 
  • 250g of Red and White Candy Spirals 
  • 5 Blue and White Lollipops 
  • 5 Red and White Lollipops 
  • 5 Silver and White Lollipops
  • 15 Blue Sugar Jelly Sticks 
  • Save your time: Save your time while looking for candies around when you get everything in one package. 
  • Suitable occasion: Provide a perfectly coordinated theme for the candy lollipop themed parties, which can turn candy parties into a lollipop paradise, suitable for family gatherings, children's birthday parties, girls parties, baby shower etc.

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