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Gender Reveal Powder Cannons - 4 Blue

  • PERFECT FOR GENDER REVEAL PARTIES: Looking for a unique gender reveal theme ideas? Surprise your loved ones by revealing your baby’s gender in a unique, carefree, and environment-friendly way. So point, twist, and shoot your gender reveal smoke bombs.

  • SAFE & EASY TO USE: Our smoke bombs for gender reveal party are made up of ultra-fine food-grade corn starch powder and biodegradable paper confetti making your gender reveal ideas safe to use for expecting moms & kids.

  • MULTIPURPOSE: Our gender reveal poppers can be used for photography to add an extra touch to your pictures. Our pink & blue colored smoke confetti cannon are great for gender reveal parties or any other party.

  • MINIMAL CLEAN UP REQUIRED: Recommended for outdoor use for a hassle-free gender reveal party. Our gender reveal confetti cannon releases colored smoke that goes in the air and confetti that falls on the ground and decomposes naturally.

  • PROUDLY AMERICAN OWNED: HOUSE OF PARTY products are American owned and operated. We take pride in offering perfectly designed party products that last longer and create perfect ambiance for all your partying needs.

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