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Baby Shower Planning Playbook

Baby Shower Planning Playbook

Baby Shower Planning Playbook

Allow us to walk you through the process of planning a baby shower, a delightful occasion that brings friends and family together to celebrate the imminent arrival of a precious new member of the family. Regardless of whether you're eagerly awaiting a baby boy or a baby girl, there's an abundance of themes and imaginative concepts to transform your baby shower into an unforgettable affair. 

It’s a GIRL...… 

If you're looking for a baby shower theme for girls that incorporates pink, rainbow colors, and pastels, consider the "Enchanted Rainbow" theme. 

Color Palette:
Use a soft and dreamy color palette that includes shades of pink, lavender, mint green, and baby blue as the base colors. Accentuate with pops of bright rainbow colors.

  • Use our Balloon garlands to create a Rainbow Balloon arch that will serve as a beautiful backdrop for photos and set the tone for the theme or create DIY balloon garlands using latex balloons in your chosen color scheme. 
  • Pastel Table Settings: Use pastel-colored tablecloths, napkins, and plates to create an elegant and cohesive look. You can mix and match different pastel hues. 
  • Shimmer walls are a glamorous addition to any baby shower décor. Use them as a backdrop for the gift table or photo booth area. For an Enchanted Rainbow theme, consider a shimmer wall in dusty rose, holographic pink or holographic blue.  
 Dessert Table:
  • Rainbow Cake: A multi-layered rainbow cake is a must-have for an Enchanted Rainbow baby shower. You can also include rainbow-themed cupcakes and cookies. 
  • Candy Bar: Set up a candy bar with a variety of sweets in pastel and rainbow colors. This can serve as both a treat for guests and a decorative element. 
 Activities and Games:
  • Rainbow Onesie Decorating: Set up a craft station where guests can decorate onesies with fabric markers and iron-on patches in rainbow colors. 
  • Guess the Baby's Birthdate: Have guests guess the baby's birthdate and time. The closest guess wins a prize. 
  • Baby Name Suggestions: Invite guests to suggest baby names, and the parents-to-be can choose their favorites. 

It’s a BOY.... 

Certainly, if you'd like to focus solely on a dinosaur-themed baby shower for a baby boy, you can go with the classic "Dino Delight" theme. Here's how to bring this theme to life: 

Color Palette: Use Green (for the dinosaurs) as primary colors and Earthy tones like brown, beige, and olive green as accent colors. 


Use our Dinosaur Bloon Garland that includes dinosaur-shaped balloons and green and brown latex balloons. This will elevate your space and create a fun backdrop with a lush prehistoric jungle scene for photos. To add further detail place large dinosaur footprint cutouts leading up to the entrance and around the venue. 


Dessert Table: 
  • Dino Cake: Have a cake designed with a dinosaur-themed topper or decorations. 
  • Dino Egg Cupcakes: Offer cupcakes with dinosaur egg toppers made from white chocolate. 
  • Dinosaur-shaped Cookies: Include cookies in the shape of different dinosaurs. 


Activities and Games: 
  • Dino Dig: Set up a "dino dig" activity where guests can excavate dinosaur fossils or toy dinosaurs from sand or clay. 
  • Dinosaur Trivia: Test your guests' knowledge with a fun trivia game about dinosaurs. 
  • Dino Name Suggestions: Invite guests to suggest baby names inspired by dinosaurs, and the parents-to-be can choose their favorite.  

Baby Gender Reveal Party: A Celebration of Surprises 

Planning a baby gender reveal party is an exciting way for expectant parents to share the joyous news with their loved ones. Here are some creative ideas for decor and activities to make your gender reveal party an unforgettable experience. 

Decor Ideas: 
  • Balloon Garlands: Create captivating photo booths with our single-colored garlands in blue and pink. 
  • Shimmer Wall: Add an element of excitement with our Matte Blush Pink or Matte Sky-Blue shimmer walls, creating a stunning backdrop for photographs. 
  • Mosaics: Spell out "BABY" using mosaics and fill them with an arrangement of blue and pink balloons, creating an eye-catching and thematic display. 
Reveal Moment: 
  • Powder Poppers: Delight your guests with our Gender reveal poppers filled with either pink or blue powder, allowing them to release simultaneously during the big reveal. 
  • Balloon Release: Prepare a large box filled with either pink or blue balloons and release it to unveil the gender to your eagerly awaiting guests. 

These decors and revealing ideas will help you create a memorable and visually stunning gender reveal party that everyone will cherish. The combination of shimmering walls, balloon garlands, and creative mosaics will add a touch of magic to your celebration, making it a momentous occasion for all involved. 

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